15mm Pre-Painted Medieval French 1330-1346 DBA Army #PDBA6

Pre-Painted Items

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This is a painted & based DBA army,  number 4/64a.  It includes all options and is ready to play right out of the box.

Army listing is as follows:

DBA 3/4/64a MEDIEVAL FRENCH 1330-1346AD

Qty Code Element
1 MID68 Kn (Gen)
1 MID68a Kn (Gen)
1 MID10 Kn (Gen)
4 MID16 Kn
3 MID16a Kn
6 MID17 Kn
2 MID17a Kn
3 MID29 Bw
2 MID106 Ps
8 MID63a Cb
9 MID57a Cb
4 MID49 Sp
4 MID51 Sp
3 MID70 Bd
2 MID64 Ps
7 MID97 Hd




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