15mm Pre-Painted Western Roman DBA3.0 Army 2/78a

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This is a painted & based DBA 3.0 army, number 56 from army list book 2.  It includes all options and is ready to play right out of the box.

Western Roman DBA 3.0 army 2/78a  with all options included, painted, based and ready to play right out of the box.


Army listing is as follows:

DBA 3/2/78a


1 RO45 Cv (Gen)
2 RO48 Cv (Gen)
3 RO47 Cv
6 RO50 Lh
4 RO51 Bd
4 RO51a Bd
20 RO54 Ax
4 RO52 Ps
3 RO42 Kn
4 RO46 Kn
3 HSA1 Kn
1 XEQ1 Art
2 RO44 Crew
4 EFA3 Wb


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