DBA 3.0 Rulebook

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 DBA Version 3.0 updates the highly successful De Bellis Antiquitatis wargame rules for recreating ancient and medieval battles with miniature figures.

The brainchild of well-known wargame designer Phil Barker and his wife Sue, the simple DBA rule system combines fast play with historical realism to produce a visually realistic and exciting contest.

A typical DBA game is usually completed in under an hour using a minimum number of model figures, making the rules equally suitable for home, club and competition play.

Although designed for two players, the rules can also be used for larger games with multiple players and for refighting historical battles.

Thoroughly revised with input from many players, competition organisers and umpires from all around the world, Version 3.0 further refines the game system.

Together with the full rule set, this edition features an expanded set of army lists detailing hundreds of armies from 3000 BC to 1520 AD, supported by detailed notes to inspire and inform new and veteran DBA players alike.