dbav2-3-65 Fatimid Egyptian 967-1171AD

15mm DBAv2 Armies

Pre-packed Army for use with DBA rules up to version 2.2, containing all options.

Army contents:

1 CRU19 Cv (Gen)
1 CRU19a
1 CRU19b
3 AEA2 Cv
6 AEA3 Cv
6 CRU2 Cv
2 CRU18 Lh
24 CRU4 Bw
4 CRU8 Ax
4 CRU11 Bd
5 CRU10 Wb
6 CRU3 Bw
2 CRU16 Ps

Quantities shown are individual miniatures (pack system does not apply to DBA armies).
Our DBA V2 armies contain all options from the DBA Army Lists.
Metal miniatures contain lead and are unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

15mm Essex Miniatures