RMA114 Sumerian

15mm Ready Made Armies: Ancient

Our Ready Made Army packs are designed for no particular ruleset but provide a balanced army of approximately 160 pieces. Army compositions are intended to give an interesting, varied and capable range of troops. Wherever possible, miniatures in different poses have been mixed in to give as much variety as we can.

RMA114 SUMERIAN 3000BC - 2000BC

1 BS1 General & Driver in four Onager Chariot
4 BS2 Four Onager Chariot with driver and Javelinmen
1 BS3 Bodyguard with Axe
4 BS5 Spearman
4 BS6 Spearman with Shield
2 BS7 Archers
4 BS8 Javelinmen
2 BS9 Slingers

Army listing quantities shown are for 15mm miniature packs rather than individual miniatures (Pack contents are 8 Infantry or 4 Cavalry)

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Metal miniatures contain lead and are unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

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