November 30, 2013

New Releases: Asiastic Hordes (HSA range) additions! Napoleonic Bavarian Limbers!


We are pleased to announce the latest additions to our HSA (Asiatic Hordes) range:

HSA18 Armoured Horse Archers, assorted poses

With super-animated horses and multiple poses, you'll be able to bulk out a great deal of existing armies with fast, protected, shooty troops.

We've also updated another code from the HSA range; HSA8 (Slav Axemen) with better looking minis:

We're also releasing a new 15mm Napoleonic Bavarian 4 Horse Limber: NE47

Direct links to the new product pages of each of these releases:

HSA8 Slav: Axemen

HSA18 Armoured Horse Archers, assorted poses

NE47 Bavarian: Line Artillery Limber with four horses and two drivers